In the Mood for Classic American Food?

Visit our local family restaurant for a burger in Apache, Caddo County, OK

When you want a juicy burger, you can visit Kraven Kafe. Our restaurant in Apache, OK serves locally sourced food, including some of the best burgers in Caddo County. We buy fresh meat every day to season, sizzle and serve in single- and double-patty hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

You're always welcome at Kraven Kafe

What else can you find at our restaurant?

You can always come to our local family restaurant for a burger, but there are plenty of other options on the menu when you want to switch things up. You can:

Order our hand-cut, breaded chicken bites made with a special recipe

Try tacos, a taco salad or a taco burger during our Taco Tuesday special

Bite into a grilled pork chop, Philly cheesesteak or seafood dish

Visit Kraven Kafe today to order locally sourced food with fresh flavors. You can sit down at one of our eight tables or pick up your order to go at the walk-up window.